Thursday, October 20, 2005

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Forester Sisters performance

Forester Sisters performance
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Forester Sisters performance
Their first single, "(That’s What You Do) When You’re In Love," reached the Top Ten. The next one, "I Fell In Love Again Last Night," went all the way to number one. The string continued unabated for six years as The Forester Sisters became the first act to place each of their first fourteen singles in Billboard’s Top Ten since the introduction of the 100-position country chart. In the process, they reeled off five number one singles including "Just In Case," "(I'd Choose) You Again," "Mama’s Never Seen Those Eyes," and their duet with The Bellamy Brothers, "Too Much Is Not Enough. For their efforts, they received Vocal Group of the Year honors from the Academy Of Country Music.

Nick and Damien in the wagon

N and D in the wagon
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In June of this year, my wife Laurie and I adopted two boys. It happened really fast. We had been "talking" about it for nearly two years, had finally completed the home study and been approved in Feb, and in May we were expecting to be on the waiting list for another two years. We went ahead and bought a new house, never expecting that at the beginning of June we'd get a call asking us if we'd be willing to consider not one, but two boys, brothers, and could we do it rather quickly? From the first phone call to the day we brought them home was only two weeks. We moved them to the old house on June 16th, and then to the new house on June 30th.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gig Report: Week ending 10/15

This past week I had a four day stint with Jeremiah French at the Dalton Trade Center for Perry Stone and the Voice of Evangelism and as usual the central preoccupation with the 5 day revival is that two of the services (Thursday and Friday) were uplinked live to the Daystar Network and taped for later broadcast on "MannaFest" on the Trinity Broadcast Network.

Saturday, I worked in downtown Chattanooga with the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera at the Tivoli Theatre.