Monday, October 09, 2006

Hand History

Originally uploaded by SkipGienapp.
Hand number: #245
Damien is the button.
Damien posts small blind of 200.
Daddy posts big blind of 400.
Damien calls big blind (200)
Daddy raises pre-flop to $1000.
Damien calls.
$2800 in pot.
Flop comes Ad, 7s, 2d.
Daddy checks.
Turn comes Js.
Daddy bets $10,000.
Damien calls.
River comes 3d.
Daddy checks.
Damien bets $10,000 and is all-in.
Daddy calls, even though he knows he's beat.
Daddy shows a pair of kings.
Damien shows three-of-a-kind, Aces.
Damien wins a jillion dollars.