Friday, October 28, 2005

Gig Report- Week ending 10/29/05

That's the sad part. No gigs this week.

I'm advancing a couple of shows coming up. A joint church service for New City and a double bill of T. Graham Brown and my act, the Forester Sisters at the Historic Ritz Theatre in November.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Long weekend is over.

Okay, I didn't play in the "Bloggers Tournament" yesterday, I only signed up for it because it was free and so I could look cool with the banner on the blog. Instead, we had a Birthday party for Nick, who turns one year old this week. It was fun, perfect weather, we had a good turn out of friends and family and all their children. Dad Eland grilled something like 60 hot dogs, and there were very few leftovers. Give my wife credit for an accurate food budget.

It was one of those watershed moments in my life because many parents do it every day, (have a birthday party for their kid) and it was something I always knew I would end up doing, but one year ago I couldn't have predicted this. One year ago, this little boy was being born, and Laurie and I were completing a mountain of paperwork to complete our Home Study so that Maybe we'd finally be chosen in the next couple of years yet here we are. Less than 6 months ago this little boy was in a different home that we don't know very much about. Yet yesterday you never would have known that it wasn't always this way. I guess all families have a particular starting point.

Also, I'd like to point out that I'm happy that there are certain things in life that are not predictable, or revealed to us ahead of time. I'm too busy worrying about how to get through the next week, let alone the next couple of months or even years.