Friday, June 19, 2009


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One of my friends recently had a plasectomy, an operation in which one cuts up all their credit cards, thumbs their nose at the credit card industry, and declares financial freedom. I relate to this action in a personal way because I performed a similar operation myself, and have been systematically been paying off our consumer debt. I'm truly happy for my friend, as I am now able to see life on the other side, a life without debt.

Funny thing happens when you do this... you find that you have money. Recently, credit card users started seeing notices in the mail that their rates were being jacked, credit lines were decreased, and payments were going up. Oh, WOE to the ordinary American that relies on credit cards to support their lifestyle. Shame on the credit card industry for making it so hard for us to have fun, and stuff. Well, we're not buying anymore, Citibank, Chase, BoA. No, we're going to not be paying you an average of 18-25% interest on a cheeseburger, a latte, a TV. We're not going to tolerate bad service, incompetent customer support, lost payments, late payment fees, rule-changing for the sake of rule changing.

I personally will be happy if these companies see decreased revenues, tightening of credit requirements, and a general insolvency, and maybe, even go out of business.

Credit cards are a tax on the poor, like pay-day lenders. You are stupid if you use them. I don't care how many airline miles you get. I don't believe you when you say you pay yours off every month. Credit cards are financial cancer. It is impossible to win with money if you keep them.

Want to know how we're getting out of debt? We decided to. That simple.

Monday, June 15, 2009