Monday, September 11, 2006

Resist him if you can...

After 3
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And so we cross another milestone in life's journey. Grown-up haircut. Despite my earlier desire to vicariously prolong my rebellious teenage years, my college experimental days, and my post-college rock band decadence, through my 2 yr old son, I must admit, this looks much better. Looks like a slightly different (older) boy.

Squishy gets a haircut

Before 1
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Well, one too many people looked at my son Nicholas' picture and asked if he was a girl. I started pushing Laurie to cut his hair. To be fair, I was all in favor of both the boys having long hair, because I've always had that in my head that it was "cool" and "rock and roll", and my parents never let ME wear my hear long, no matter WHAT every other kid in the 70's was doing. Hey, if they jumped off a bridge, was I going to follow in after them?

It was sort of in reaction to that, that I wanted the boys to live out my rock and roll dreams. But clearly, we had reached a stopping point. On a regular basis, we'd be combing out broccoli or whatever else he had for supper that evening, mashed potato's, creamed corn, etc.
Nick likes to wave his fork around his head with one hand, while eating with the other hand. This is just one of the reasons why his nickname is "Squishy".

Time to lose the baby curls. He'll be 2 next month...