Friday, October 07, 2005

Why join the blogging bandwagon?

Everyone else is doing it.

It's not, as my wife will undoubtedly accuse me of, an excersise in narcissistic futility. Mainly, I'm inspired by the other blogs I've read, mainly my brothers. Since I haven't posted anything worth reading to MY blog yet, I recommend you read his:

I really never knew my younger brother was such a good writer. At least, I enjoy his writing. But that's where the narcissism problem comes in. My wife's theory is that my brothers and I (I have several) have an inherent craving for media attention and notoriety. Maybe true. Andy and I have both been on TV and in the newspaper several times, but not as newsmakers. We both just happen to work in venues where there is sometimes media coverage.

He's a paramedic.
I'm a sound engineer.
We live in a smallish medium town. We've been here 20 years. It was bound to happen.

He's been writing his blog longer. Seriously, go read it. Check back here later.

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Laurie said...

Just the fact that you HAD to mention that you two were in the papers should be enough to seal my case.