Monday, August 04, 2008

My life lately- getting out of debt

Since April, I have been listening to a lot of Dave Ramsey and realizing that my goal of the last ten years is within reach finally... getting out of debt. When I talk to people about this, most of them listen with a polite silence, appearing interested, but I always kind of feel like what I'm saying is going over their heads.... like, there might be a couple of possibilities running through their minds..

1) That's nice... Dave who?
2) Dave Ramsey... oh yeah, he's the one always telling people to sell their cars..
3) Man, wish I was getting out of debt... oh well, nothing I can really do about it.
4) Out of debt? You SUCK... shut up!
5)What do you mean, debt free?

One of the things I can remember my father saying to me when I was a kid was how he had just come to accept that he would always be in debt, always have a car payment, always owe on his house, etc... and my general impression was that he was fine with it. I learned to be in debt from my dad. Many of us did.

I began my debt journey at college, as did most people my age. I borrowed my way through 4 years at a private college. I was very grateful for the experience. I wasn't worried about the $20,000 dollar or so in student loans because I figured I had plenty of time to pay them back. What really happened was I took LOTS of time to pay them back. 15 years or so, not counting all the times they were in deferment.

But while I was in college, I was having such a good time, I would have signed any note with any terms in order to be able to come back each semester. The hell with the consequences. It set a pattern for me for life.

When I was a senior, I got my first credit card. Wow- free money!

To be continued...

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c_eliott_j said...

we have been listening to dave ramsay...i think he is wonderful! and man, is he motivating....i was very skeptical at first, but after watching the dvd's..i'm totally on board! good luck!