Monday, February 28, 2011

What the heck am I blogging?

I must not have anything worthwhile to say. It's also possible that my so-called spare time is dominated by trying to keep up with all of my other Internet channels. I'm drawn to Twitter I think because I like the challenge of being pithy or informative or humorous within the 140 character limit. The blog was originally intended to SEE if I had anything to say... more of a "If you build it, they will read" idea, a creative outlet for any muse that happened along. A few things have captured my interest for a short time- like my whole mini-series where I attempted to reverse-scam the 419 scammers. And then I tried it again.

In an attempt to prove I could produce, meaningful, heartwarming content I wrote about the adoption of our two sons. The blog took a decidedly parental tone after that because I realized that people would rather read about personal, emotional, and spiritual things than random posts about me playing online poker or stuff plagiarized from other sites, etc etc.

To quote a movie that was VERY important to me in the early 90's-
"What's the blog about?"
Does it have to be about ANYthing? It's more of a vehicle for me than you. If I can make you laugh or think... that's good enough.

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