Monday, February 18, 2008

At Last, I hit paydirt!

Well, it's official. I've got a $9,020,000 ATM card. Just LOOK at these official documents! Dr. Mark Ali explains:

Ministry Finance to me
show details 11:25 PM (39 minutes ago)
Atten: Roscoe Coltrane,
Your mail is well understood by me, it is a good thing when we ask questions right?
yes the kind of ATM CARD that is to be issued out to you for your payment is an American Express Card that can bee used in the United state and the Uk, as well as in the stated bank you made mention of earlier,

we are now glad to inform you that your swift payment with us is fully due for use.We shall send across the card to you as soon as you say so and confirmed your readiness for shipment to your door step.

The attached Documentations are what you well present to the courier company that will deliver your card to you also with some identity card before singing off your card to you
be well informed again that your SWIFT ATM CARD has a FOUR (4) digital number that
is to be know to only you one for use,

at the moment base on the law that has been pass on by the CBN GOVERNOR that any SWIFT ATM CARD that is to be delivered to across country, that the PIN we be kept secret until delivered to the rightful Owener before they can send across to us your PIN CODE the will enable you make weldrower with the card.

so therefore as soon as you receive this mail make sure to contact me immediately so that i can direct you the to a good courier company that will effect shipment to your door step.

Thanks and may God bless you as you have contributed in helping others in the LORD

Yours sincerely
Dr,Cofi Ali

No word yet as to what the cost to me for all this will be. Also, we may have a small problem. Seems like Dr. Mark (Cofi?) Ali represents the Federal Ministry of Finance of Nigeria, just like James Luis does. The two ministers of Finance have different names. Dr. Ali's FMF is, (according to the documents) a (Mrs) Nenadi Usman. James Luis is Personal Secretary to FMF Hon. (Mrs) Doores Morgan. I wonder if both these ladies who have male secretaries knows that the other one has contacted Father Roscoe P Coltrane? We'll let this go a little further and then find out. Naturally, I'd rather go with Dr. Ali's FMF, they want to give me $9,000,000, and James Luis' FMF only wants to give me $900,000. Stay tuned!

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