Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I decide to play the two scammers against each other

So let's tell James Luis that I'm not concerned about his measly little $900,000 because I've got another FMF promising $9 million.

Brother James,
I'm sorry my brother, the Lord bless you, but the deal is off. I have been contacted by the REAL Federal Ministry of Finance, and they are giving me $9,020,000, and they aren't charging me anything. I'm afraid I don't have the time for a paltry sum of $900,000. I have attached my approval.

Don't worry brother I will still say a blessing for you.
O LORD, indeed bless now James Luis and Doores Morgan and ALL the brothers. Please help them and ALL Ministers of Finance of Nigeria no matter what their name is. May he who would rise up against them be taxed by the governor, and their homes be flattened by bulldozers. O Lord, protect them from the plague of St. Peter for in those last days it is written "Slew they the enemies of the children of Bethshejabelebub and cast they their swine into their pits, and verily did they come out from among them and laid down with their sheep, and their sheep did know them." Amen
Father Roscoe Coltrane

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