Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dr. Cofi (used to be Mark) Ali reponds

He seems to be getting a little impatient here...

Attn: Roscoe Coltran

some times it is better that we try instead of not trying at all,i can assure you that a swift card can be used to pay off all kinds of bills as Long as the card is valued and credit full.

any way that is not the kind of question am expecting you to ask after all effort this office has put in place for your payment to come out fast.Your contract payment has been closed and we have moved on to the others who also need to be payed like you
we are sending your parcel to a Government ASND courier company that will deliver
your card to you by tomorrow morning first thing.

It is either you are ready to clear your parcel from the courier company or not it all depends on you now to say,but sincerely speaking by the time you receive your swift card all you have to do is go right away and make use of it to confirm the card

Below is the address of the courier company that will effect shipment to you.

I have tried calling you but could not get through i will still call again
Thanks and Best
Dr,Cofi Ali.

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