Friday, February 15, 2008

Back to the Nigerian Ministry of Finance

This email is a little terse, almost as if James Luis, personal secretary to the Nigerian Federal Minister of Finance, is suprised that I didn't even ask about the money in the last email. See below-

5th Floor, Annex 3, New Federal Secretariat Complex,Shehu Shagari Way, Central AreaAbuja - Nigeria .

Attention: Father Roscoe P Coltrane,

We received your mail, but you have not and did not even ask what it will cost you to get your file ACTIVATED. Well, know that we have a stipulated time mapped out for each and every file, so you are advised to make sure that you instruct your financial officer (Hugh G. Rection) to reach us immediately before it is late.

We expect your/there most urgent response, without which, your funds will be cancelled.

Best Wishes,

Hon. (Mrs.) Doores MorganThe Federal Minister Finance (FMF).PERSONAL SECRETARY: Mr. James Luis

Lordy, I don't want my funds to be canceled. Father Coltrane had better write back real quick, so that Mr. Luis doesn't think I'm stringing him along....

Dear James
You are correct, I am quite sure that it will cost something to get the file activated. I should have already anticipated this. Thank you for your concern and assistance in this matter. $900,000 is a large amount of money, and needs to be taken very seriously. How much money would you estimate it will cost to activate my file and get the funds transferred?

Father Roscoe


Kirk said...

"make sure that you instruct your financial officer (Hugh G. Rection) to reach us immediately"

i know there's a one-liner in there somewhere, but it is escaping me.

skipgienapp said...

It's always funny to get them repeat the joke name back to you. So truthfully most of the humor in this sport are inside jokes...