Thursday, February 14, 2008

The bait.

I, of course, am quite delighted to here that I've inherited just over $9 million dollars. It's a dream come true... what steps will I have to take to claim my $4000 a day ATM card?
I decide I need to write back:

I cannot begin to express to you my complete and utter suprise that Ihave inherited $9,000000.000,20,0000 (NINE MILLION TWEENTH THOUSANDUNITED STATES DOLLARS). I cannot imagine who this is from. I knewthat there was money in our family from many years ago, but had no idea that one day I would be issued an ATM card good for $4000.Because I am a Reverend here at our parish, I can see many charitable donations to our various causes here in Denver. Let me know how to proceed with this transaction. Below find my address
The Right Reverend Father Roscoe P Coltrane
Holy Apostolic Arminian Order of St. Bartholomew
2112 Rushband Street
Denver CO 34901
(123) 867-5309

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