Friday, February 15, 2008

Okay, we've got a live one.

Two or more responses and some interest is shown. The previous bait, Dr. Mark ALi of the unused ATM card, has not responded. So now my focus is going to be James Luis and the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Finance.

My dear brother James,
How suprised and relieved I am as well to discover that I am not dead. I am sorry to say we do not have telephones here in the monastery, only email. This is because we priests have taken a solemn oath to never use the telephone, as it the tool of the devil. As the Bible says, "Touch not the unclean thing".

I will contact our financial officer and instruct him to contact your office from the bank, to prepare for the transfer of funds. His name is Hugh G. Rection, and the bank is 1st National County Bank of Trust, Inc.

Once again, it is time for the daily blessing of the sheep, so I will write more later.

Father RP Coltrane

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