Thursday, May 03, 2007

3,500,000 US.... almost

APR 19
Dearest In Christ Roscoe Coltrane.

I hope all is well with you and other members of your church to the Glory of God.I have procured the affidavit on oath today from the Ministry of justice.I want to inform you that this fund will be under your control towards humanitarian and charity services including the propagation of the gospel.

I am very happy for your re-assuring me.The affidavit declaration is in your name,I am trusting you to channel this fund accordingly.

I have attached the certificate of deposit of this fund.Please confirm the receipt immediately, and I beg you to keep this documents very very confidential and commisionner of oath here in ministry of justice has fax a copy of the affdavit the bank in my present and call them on phone and the confirm that the recieve the copy.

You have now been officially and legally known as the next of kin to this fund.A copy will also be forwarded to the Alpha International Bank according to the officer of oath.

You have to contact the bank director immediately and instruct them for the transfer of this money to your account.You will also give them your bank account where you want the money to be transfered.

Here is the contact address:
Tel: +22509383843
Fax: +22509383841

You have to contact him as soon as possible,always give me informations and always remember me in your daily prayers.

Thanks and May GOD bless us all.
Sister Marilyn Wells.

Note:In case of any question, remember this money was deposited by my Late husband Mr Johnson Wells,from Republic of Kuwait.

Date of deposit: 12/09/2001
Account N° UTB-Ci- 018942819
Type of Account: General Trust Account.
Amount: US $3,500,000.

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Matt in Little Rock said...

I got an email like this just this last weekend. Different person, same story. What is this? How far did you go? Did you report it to anyone?