Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sister Wells finds some strength.

Poor Sister Wells does not have long for this world, but fortunately is able to muster the strength to head down to the local magistrate and have the necessary documents drawn up.

Dearest in Christ Roscoe,

I hope all is well with you and other members of the Church to the Glory of God.I have read your letter,and also your full name and address with satisfaction.Infact, I have no regret over this donation,as I am glad on your assurance to appropriate this fund.

I pray that the Almighty God will be your strenght and grant you more wisdom to handle this for the expansion of his kingdom.

I managed to submit your details this morning,to the ministry of justice,and the legal process will be completed by monday by the special grace of God. Although, I am very weak to move around.But I believe God will give me the strenght to go to the court by monday for the affidavit on oath that will legally and officially approve you the next of kin to this money.

I will send you the affidavit with the certificate of deposit of this fund, immediately I come back from the court.

Please be praying for me.

Remin blessed in the Lord,
Sister Marilyn Wells.

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