Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dear Sister Wells

Roscoe Coltrane to marilyn
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Dear Sister Marilyn,
I'm so glad that things are proceeding very well. Let me know when things are ready.
Meantime, I hope that you will keep your strength for the forseeable future so you can accomplish your goals.

It would please me greatly to hear of some of the cultural works of art of the Ivory Coast. I have for a long time collected certain religous relics from over the world, and would happily pay expenses for examples of the fine art or artifacts of faith from your part of the world. I recently paid over $3600 USD for a rosary that once belonged to our departed saint, St. Bartholomew of the Holy Meadow. Please let me know if any such items come to you during this time.

Please do not forget to sign and attach the Induction Form of the Holy Order of St. Bartholomew. Please sister, we need to get you established in the order so that the church may freely pay any fees your government may require.
Father Roscoe

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