Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dr George Kelly writes back

Didn't seem to bother him that he hadn't heard from me since October or so. He writes:

George Eyakwe to me
show details Feb 24 (1 day ago)

Dear Father Coltrane,
Your email content is noted. I need to reaffirm phone number and address for record purposes, as to enable the official of the security company in United States open communication with you immediately. Please note that the money that is payable to you is US$3.7Million only. Do also remember that on no condition should you give out my identity.
I have made arrangement with the security company in the united state of America to have the fund been transfer direct to your bank account but also bear it in mind that your fund can only be transfer when your scan identity is been received as well as a valid bank account with all the banking informations.
Kindly send this data to me immediately.
A.Your Scan identity
B.Your Age
C.Your occupation
D.Your bank account informations.
E.Direct cell/fax number.

Finally, as soon as you reaffirm your phone number and address, I will avail you with the contact information's of the security company in United State of America.
Do have a blissful day!
Warm regards
Dr George Eyakwe Kelly.

I need clarification... and now it's time to work the bait... stretch things out....

Fr. Roscoe P. Coltrane to georgeeyakweng.
show details 11:24 PM (22 hours ago)

Dearest Dr. Kelly
I'm afraid I have no idea what you mean by "Scan Identity". I am nearly 49 years old now, and I don't see nearly as well as I used to. I am a priest here in the United State in the Holy Apostolic Armenian Order of St. Bartholomew the Curious, which is an outcropping church of Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility. I plan to someday start a mission to the Native American Unitarians.
Since these efforts require many US Dollars, Please tell me more about the CFC (CASH FLOW CORP). It sounds a lot like an organization I was in before call CASH COW CORP.
May the Blessed St. Bartholomew the Curious grant you peace and success in your efforts and bind he the evildoers and cast out the cursed spirit of Jack Daniels from your pantry. Amen.
Fr. Coltrane

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