Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, now George Eyakwe is getting a little bossy

I think the good doctor may question my actual interest in $3.7 Million united state dollars.

George Eyakwe to me
show details Feb 25 (1 day ago)

Fr. Roscoe P. Coltrane,
Your mail was understood.
The fund in question is $3.7 million united state dollars okay and
there is no way we can communicate on the email alone without verbal
discussion by leaving a message on the phone, that sound not matured
and real so if you are not able to transact this business with me in
good faith, I would have advice you stop communicating with me so that
I can tender any new file to the security company for new beneficiary.

I have n problem investing the fund in your country through method of
assisting the orphanages as that has been my dream to assist the needy
when the transaction is been completed. Bear it also in mind that your
account details are yet to receive where the fund shall be transferred
into as you indeed wasting the fund remittance.

You have my number, call me upon receipt of this email for verbal
discussion because I can’t call to leave a message, it’s uncalled for
and I can also let you know that your passport must be received for
record purposes as to certify the true position of this fund transfer
to your account.

Dr George Eyakwe Kelly.

Maybe he's not used to his "marks" pushing back...
fromRoscoe Coltrane

dateFri, Feb 26, 2010 at 10:16 AM
subjectRe: CALL ME NOW.

Dr. Kelly,
Sir- now in the name of the dearest St. Bartholomew I implore you to not be so bold with bossing me around. I would remind you that it is YOU that contacted me and I'll thank you to kindly have a little more respect when you communicate with me.
Just this morning I have attempted to call you at your number 2347085581813 and apparently that is the number of the Federal Minister of Finance of the Republic of Nigeria. So now I call in to question if perhaps you are somehow involved with the government and perhaps the US department of Homeland Securities will be questioning me.
Meantime, I already gave YOU my number 4239019011 and am awaiting your call.
Just for your interest, here is a picture of me in Spain.
Now I will say a blessing for you. May St. Bartholomew the Curious see fit to guide you in your efforts to invest the $3.7 million dollars wisely in our parish of the Holy Apostolic Armenian Order of St. Bartholomew, may Dr. Kelly find peace in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and may his crops be rained on, and the harvest plenty, and may his family come to America and shop at the church of Walmart. Amen.
I hope you will see fit to send me the paperwork necessary, dearest Dr. Kelly
Fr. Roscoe

Sometimes a picture is helpful... so they know you're a real person...
Roscoe Coltrane to georgeeyakweng.
show details 1:13 PM (11 hours ago)

Dear Kelly,
So you know I am sincere here is a picture of me getting my passport scanned. Is that what you meant?

Yours truly in the FAITH
Fr. Coltrane

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