Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet Dr. George Kelly, Scambait #2

I usually like to keep more than one of these reverse scams running at a time. Here's another one.

fromDr George Eyakwe Kelly
dateMon, Sep 21, 2009 at 7:03 PM
subjectI would wait for your call as soon as you get this email for further update.

I guess it has been a while we talked, anyway I have been quite busy here working on the way forward for the business deal I had offered you despite your lackadaisical approach and un-wiliness in sending down here forward down here further funding to help see the deal through successfully.

Well I am stalked with you I guess since I had already given out some detail of the confidential deal to you. Yes the failure of this deal might not mean any thing to you but to me it would be the end of the word for me for I have already invested so much in pushing for its success.

My dear in furtherance to the above I am now left with no other choice than to continue with you hence I do hope I would get your due support, understanding, corporation ,sincerity and transparency this time.

Be informed that the past few weeks had been very hectic for me , though I have had tremendous progress on the matter late yesterday, be informed that in view of the possible further snags that could be encountered while trying to have the funds get to you via a bank wire from here and our present financial situation due to already heavy upfront investments it would only amount to further time wasting if we continue with the intentions to have the funds get to you directly from here , I had therefore decided late Monday to have the issue closed via a more result oriented approach that would see you receiving the funds in the United States Of America , this I have been able to achieve via the help of some trusted top people here at the paying bank

Here are details of what I have been able to achieve, yes like I had already said above you would now receive the funds in the United States directly via the help of a renowned financial consultant based in the United States . Do note too that financial consultant has had a long-standing relationship with the paying bank hence he is affiliated with the bank here and the arrangements with US based financial consultant have already been tested in the past with very significant results.

Note that the US based financial consultant would be using the premises of the CFC in the United States in setting up the necessary modalities of having you receive the payment in the US .

Here is a more comprehensive detail of how the arrangement would work out, I have been able to smoothly register and install you as a member of an exclusive organization in the US known as the CASH FLOW CORP. (CFC),your registration date has been backed dated on purpose, Normally it takes about 3 years for a person to under go regular registration or recruitment to be accepted as a member, this is to enable the screen committee of the CFC to conduct a proper screen and check up on the new applicant i.e. Checking his finances, job, records, social status etc. Well I was able with the help of some senior bank friends here to register you as a full member of the CFC using the information of a dormant account with the same initials as yours, been a member of the CFC allows you the privilege of handling huge cash transaction in the US and also enables you to receive huge cash in flow without haven to go through the rigorous/cumbersome clearing process with
the US authorities like the home land security, FBI, CIA, DEA, the customs etc.

Do note that you are not at any time to disclose to any of the personals you would be discussing with in the cause of receiving the payment in the US that you are not a member of the CFC not even the US based financial consultant.

Now this what happens, the executive committee of the CFC had met yesterday to deliberate on the request to have the US based financial consultant handle the final processing that would see you as a member of the organization receive your payment in full, after been satisfied they have given their clearance /instructions to the financial consultant to proceed with his arrangements

I would wait for your call as soon as you get this email for further update.


Dr George Eyakwe

Well, since he took the time to write such a detailed message, I owe him a reply after 5 months.

Roscoe Coltrane to Dr
show details Feb 22 (3 days ago)

Dr. Kelly,
Sorry I have been so long in replying... what is the latest on your situation?
Father Coltrane

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